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Thursday, 02 April 2015 00:00

ASA Opposes Tennessee Salvage Legislation

The Tennessee Legislature is considering salvage legislation, House Bill 443. If implemented, this bill will allow unlicensed buyers to purchase vehicles from salvage pools. ASA believes the legislation will harm both consumers and automotive repairers in Tennessee. Approval of this bill could drive up the costs of auto repair as parts become more limited. Furthermore, vehicles that should be processed for parts could be used for unintended purposes such as resale or criminal activity.

In response to the legislation, ASA sent letters to the chairman of the Tennessee House Committee on Transportation as well as the other Committee members, voicing concern regarding House Bill 443. ASA also encourages Tennessee automotive repairers to contact their representatives and explain the harmful effects of this legislation. To view and send an opposition letter for House Bill 443, please visit ASA’s legislative website at > Legislation > State > Legislative Alerts and Updates and scroll down to Tennessee.

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