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Friday, 20 February 2015 00:00

North Carolina Continues to Have Lowest Car Insurance Rates in the South

When ranked by cost of annual car insurance against more than 80 cities in North Carolina, High Point falls right along the middle.

ValuePenguin, a company that provides research and interactive tools on finances, recently released a study analyzing auto insurance quotes in 86 cities across the Tarheel State.

Asheville has the lowest rate in the state, with an annual average of $609. The highest is Fayetteville, with an annual average of $840.

High Point falls at No. 44 on the list, going from cheapest to most expensive, with an annual average rate of $707. The city's next-door neighbor, Winston-Salem, is the third-cheapest rate in the state at $631.

Even the top five most-expensive cities in North Carolina are cheaper compared to the other states.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said the state continues to have the lowest average insurance premiums in the entire South.

"And, we have between the sixth- and seventh-lowest in the entire country, with only states like Kansas and Nebraska and Idaho and Montana and North Dakota and states like that having slightly lower rates than us," he added.

He pointed to a Nerd Wallet study done in February of 2014 that found six of the top 10 cities for cheap car insurance were in North Carolina. Five of those six were the top five on the list.

NerdWallet is an online consumer tool used to compare rates of credit cards, banking, insurance and other services.

So why the difference?

Car insurance rates are determined by several factors, the most prominent ones being the driver's record, where they live and the type and use of automobile, according to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. These factors and more determine the risk each applicant presents.

The regional experiences of other drivers in the area also play a part in the rate, as well as road conditions, Goodwin said. He said apart from driving safely, one of the best ways to keep auto insurance rates low is to shop around at one of North Carolina's 167 insurance companies that write automobile insurance and to look for good discounts.

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