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Saturday, 17 January 2015 00:00

Thieves Go On Crime Spree in NC, Steal Car from Body Shop to Ram ATM

When Cary police arrived at the scene after a business’s alarm went off on East Chatham Street, they discovered five buildings had been broken in to.  

The alarm went off at Madsen Motors on January 11 at 2:30am.

Officials are searching for multiple suspects accountable for the robberies.

Allegedly, the crime spree started at J.M. Thompson contractors where the thieves stole a forklift and crashed through a gate at a repair shop next door, Ed Crump of reported.

The criminals then vandalized the shop and stole a car. Police say the thieves continued to drive the forklift down Chatham Street, stopping at Thrift 2 Gift store. Crump reported that a few hundred was stolen from the thrift store’s register and the surveillance camera was ripped out of the wall.

The group continued their binge by stealing a few dollars from a beauty store and piling tires and breaking windows at Madsen Motors. Police say they then used the stolen vehicle to ram an ATM machine, but their attempts were in vain. The ATM took a picture of one of the men, but he was wearing a ski mask, Crump reported.

Police will continue their search. The business owners affected are looking forward to justice being served.

Please contact Cary, NC police department if you have information about possible suspects.

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