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Saturday, 17 January 2015 00:00

Woman Says Tampa Repair Shop has Kept Her Car for Past Year

Terry Bedford brought her car into TJ’s Auto Repair a year ago and still hasn’t gotten it back.

Last February, she took her 2004 Mazda Tribute into the repair shop on Busch Boulevard because it had been overheating. Since then, she has paid over $1,200 in repairs, according to Shannon Behnken,

Shop owner Trevor James allegedly wouldn’t give Bedford’s car back and stopped returning her calls, which is when she called a local news station.

Whenever local news station 8 On Your Side stops by the repair shop, James has an excuse as to why the vehicle hasn’t been fixed yet, reported Behnken.

When James was still returning Bedford’s phone calls, he would tell her he had fixed the car in a day, only for it to break down again.

The shop’s business license is in good standing according to state regulators, but they are looking into the issue. However, the T.J.’s has received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Tampa Police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said this is likely a civil mater, but she encouraged Bedford to call the police and report a theft if the car was not finished by January 12.  

8 On Your Side revisited the shop on January 12, and James still had not finished with the car, Behnken reported. He promised it would be done once he obtained another Mazda part.

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