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Monday, 30 June 2014 18:09

Florida Repairers Re-File Multi-Lawsuit Against 39 Insurers

The attorneys representing dozens of Florida Collision Repairers have re-filed an amended complaint seeking their day in court in front of a jury of their peers. Presnell had dismissed the previous suit lawsuit by twenty-plus Florida auto body repair shops against the more than three-dozen insurers, largely on technical grounds.

The Judge essentially invited the plaintiff repairers  to amend their complaint to provide more detailed information relative to the specific actions by each insurer and specifying the related damages which led to the multi-litigation suit. The requested changes and clarifications were made and the modified complaint was re-filed to comply with the Judge’s suggestions.

“We’re excited to have this interruption behind us” stated Ray Gunder of Gunder’s Auto Center, one of the plaintiff repairers represented in the lawsuit. “In reading the complaint, everyone in this industry knows it to be the truth…I am looking forward to bringing the issues to a jury and exposing the insurer’s egregious practices and ending the suppression that has been so harmful to our industry and to the consumers we serve. All repairers want is to serve our customers in an unencumbered manner and to see our employees earn a fair wage for their efforts” stated Gunder.

to read the full complaint go HERE

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