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Wednesday, 25 June 2014 21:16

Binghamton, TN, Body Shop Called Out for Crime in Area

A woman was shot in the hand at an auto body shop at the corner of Summer Avenue and Eva Street in Binghampton, TN, on June 10. Neighbors say incidents like this have become all too familiar, despite their efforts to rid the neighborhood of the shop. They say at any given time of day, you can find about a dozen men at the auto body shop either working on cars parked on the street or just hanging around. Businesses have vacated the corner after being caught in crossfire stemming from activity at the shop. Help has been sought from the city and district attorney's office in shutting the place down, but it is still open for business. Sharon Norfleet moved into her home near the auto shop in February, eager to bring new life to a struggling community. Norfleet's granddaughter was in the front room of her house facing the shop when shots rang out. Norfleet didn't believe what the child said she had heard until she opened her front door to several cop cars on the street.
Before the business can be declared a nuisance and shut down, officials say the city would have to determine how much money is spent responding to criminal calls at that location.

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