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Friday, 02 May 2014 21:17

Missing Class Ring Found 14 Years Later at Alabama Body Shop

Geraldine High School’s senior class of about 65 students walked across the podium to accept their diplomas in Huntsville, AL, including a senior who had just lost her class ring.

Now, 14 years later, the ring has finally been found. “Underneath one of the seats in a little pile of gunk was this little class ring,”said Checker Auto Body Repair manager Bill Goebel. He decided to take to social media to see if he could find the ring’s owner. “I made a post on the Geraldine High School’s page. Within four hours, we had tracked down the young lady who owned this ring, and she had lost it 14 years ago,” said Goebel. The ring belongs to Kelli Willingham, now known as Kelli Miller. She said the ring holds special meaning to her beyond that of just a normal class ring. “My grandparents bought the ring for me, and my granddaddy passed away seven years ago next Friday. So it’s, yeah, it’s really special,” said Miller.

Not only was Miller reunited with the ring, but also with her high school car. It's something she never thought see'd see again. "It was a graduation gift," said Miller.

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