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Friday, 28 March 2014 00:00

Sebring, FL, Boys and Girls Club Gets Box Truck Painted For Free by Duck’s Body Shop

The Boys & Girls Club of Highlands County, FL, has acquired a box truck for use in picking up and delivering large donations for its downtown Sebring, FL, thrift store, The Emporium.

Board member Paul DuBrule, Elli-B Honey Company owner Robert Elliott, and volunteer Patty Bird of Avon Park were instrumental in obtaining the truck.

The Boys & Girls Club is an organization that provides daily after-school programs for 300 local children, ages six to eighteen, who are either from single parent homes or homes where parents both work multiple, low-paying jobs and are not at home when the children arrive after school.


The Boys & Girls Club is a safe place for children to go where they receive a snack, help with their school work, recreation activities, and guidance with socialization.

The “Five Core” program of the club consists of guidance in character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, and sports and fitness.

The donated truck is not new, but it is very serviceable and much appreciated by club staff members. The Emporium manager Levon Stukes is thrilled to have the truck. “Man, what a help...couches, easy chairs, and large appliances are tough to load in a van or a small pickup. We can put a lot of items at once in the box truck and we won’t have to keep running back and forth to the store after every delivery or pick up like we had to before,” he said.

Stukes and Boys & Girls Club director Woodraun Wright plan to make the truck a “rolling billboard” that will generate much-needed income for the club by advertising local businesses.

The truck needs to be stripped of its current graphics and painted, which will involve a lot of hard work. Wright and DuBrule contacted Beverly Ragland, owner of Duck’s Body Shop at 1153 Hawthorne Drive, Sebring, FL, who will paint the truck at no charge. It should be ready by mid-April 2014, DuBrule said.

The plan is to offer local businesses the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the truck.

A local sign company will produce the vinyl signage for each business and it will be applied to the truck, which will also display the Boys & Girls Club logo.

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