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Friday, 28 March 2014 18:31

Check Fraud Victimizes Florida and Georgia Body Shops

A handful of body shops in Florida and Georgia are falling victim to check fraud.

Scammers are stealing thousands of dollars, and they are targeting auto body shops across the country. Toni Scroggins, the owner of St. Johns Auto Body Shop in Palatka, FL, says scammers stole $15,000 from the company’s bank account. Scroggins suspects the scammers take the routing and checking account number of the shops’ checks, and then reprint them on new fake checks with a different name, address, and bank name. The scam artists then spend money at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart. Scroggins says she’s not as worried about big shops like hers, but she says mom and pop shops and their customers are the ones who could pay the ultimate price. Scroggins says she got her money back after two months with the help of her bank. “This could destroy them, close their doors, because you do not get that money back the next day,” said Scroggins. “You have to wait for the process of the bank to investigate it, and that could take over a month. So, if it’s a small business they are out.”

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