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Friday, 28 March 2014 18:27

Body Shops in Virginia Extra Busy After Weather-Related Crashes

Recent wintry road conditions have sent cars slipping and sliding, leading to several accidents across Hampton Roads. Now, drivers are taking their cars to local auto body shops to be fixed and local media is there to survey the damage.

Karena Gray showed WAVY News 10 the damage to her Suzuki Forenza. She said she was driving on an interstate ramp in Chesapeake, VA, when she came upon traffic stopped for an accident, and had got into one herself.

“It was pretty much unavoidable. Like, I didn’t want to press on the brake too hard, so when I just tapped the brake, I was sliding. I didn’t want to slide in the ditch so it just happened. I hit the back of someone else,” said Gray.

That crash brought her into Carstruction in Chesapeake for repairs. Owner Vince Dobbs checked out the compact car, and pointed out the damage.

“You definitely see the fender, the bumper, and the headlights are destroyed…The battery has been impacted, the metal’s been pushed into it. It will need a new battery,” Dobbs explained.

Dobbs also showed WAVY News’ Ava Hurdle a Toyota Tundra truck with weather-related damage.

“Basically we’ve got a vehicle spun out on ice up here, which you can see the damage to the bumper cover, but there’s also damage back behind it to the reinforcement and the absorber,” he said.

The vehicle already has an estimated repair cost of between $3,000 to $4,000.

The expected repair time for the damaged vehicles is about a week or more, depending on the availability of replacement parts and insurance adjusters.

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