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Friday, 28 February 2014 01:16

Knoxville Sees Body Shop Demand Increase After Snowstorm

Some Knoxville collision shops say that they’re already getting more calls for estimates and repairs after the snowstorms.

“People parked on the side of the road, couldn’t get around, people who got ran into,” said technician Scott Grizzell with Joe Neubert’s west Knoxville, TN location. They are getting more calls in one day right now, than what they usually receive in a week—because of the snow.

“Could be a little bumper job, could be a busted headlight,” Grizzell said. “Then again, it could be the front end shifted over to one side.”

The shop is working double-time now, as repairmen try to get their work on pre-snow jobs done. They know in a matter of days that they’ll start working on snow and ice-related crash repairs.

“The phones will start ringing. Claims will start being made—what we needed to do to reach that process,” said Jeff Neubert.

He adds that some will wait until after the winter, if the damage is cosmetic. Others may not have that luxury.

“Headlights knocked out, and alignment knocked down, and flat tires, and busted wheels,” Neubert said. “There will be some people with radiators damaged—so there will be some people who’ll have to have repairs done.”

He estimates the amount of inquiries on estimates could equal the 2011 hail storm that left thousands of east Tennessee cars dented and scarred.

“North shop, west shop—both locations will be seeing a lot more business than what we seen during the hail storm,” said Neubert.

It’s expected to be a long few days ahead for these kind of businesses.

“Trying to get the cars out and working overtime and getting the cars pushed out,” repairman Grizzell said.

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