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Thursday, 20 February 2014 23:31

Perry, FL, Dealership Shot Up by Long-Term Employee, Sheriff’s Deputy Still in Serious Condition

Earl Edward Clauge, Jr., 51, an employee of Timberland Ford in Perry, FL, crashed a vehicle into the front of the dealership, exited the vehicle, and began shooting at about 10:30 am on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy, Robert Lundy, was in the dealership having his car serviced when Clauge smashed through the glass in his black Nissan truck.

On Wednesday, Clague had called in sick, but showed up a short time later, when he crashed through the front window with his truck and opened fire.

An employee of the store ran to get Lundy, who was having his patrol car fixed in the service center.

Lundy responded by firing his service weapon and Clauge was killed by Lundy’s action, but not before Clauge hit Lundy with a shotgun blast. Clauge also shot two other employees, said Gretl Plessinger with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Two civilians were shot and are recovering at local hospitals, while three additional victims suffered minor injuries.

In addition to the Remington 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun he shot Robert Lundy and two other employees with, Clague had another fully-loaded, pump-action shotgun in his truck, as well as a fully-loaded rifle. Additional ammo was found on his person and in his truck.

FDLE spokeswoman Plesinger said: “The shooter has been confirmed as 51-year-old Earl Edward Clague, Jr. We know that he’s from Taylor County, and he was a current employee of the dealership. We don’t have a motive yet.” Clague had worked for the dealership off and on for the past 15 to 20 years.

“While we don’t know his motive, we feel confident that his intent was to shoot and hurt as many people as possible,” said Don Ladner, Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent. “Deputy Lundy’s actions ended this situation quickly,” Ladner said.

Williams said Lundy had a successful surgery Wednesday and was in stable, but critical, condition still.

Two other employees were also shot. They both are in local hospitals. We do believe they will survive, and we think they’re going to be okay. We’re not releasing their identities at this time… [Clague] used a semi-automatic shotgun. We aren’t releasing any further details about the ammunition at this time. It is still a very active investigation… [Lundy] was remarkable. He did everything he should have done. He saved a lot of lives today.”

Captain James Cruse of the Perry Police Department said that the two employees who were shot are “recovering at area hospitals at varying stages of recovery.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tallahassee Regional Operations Center, Perry Police Department, and Taylor County Sheriff’s Office are investigating.

10:28:31 Deputy Lundy radioed shots were fired.
10:29:17 Deputy Lundy announced he had been shot.
10:29:24 In less than one minute after Deputy Lundy’s announcement of shots fired, officers arrived on scene.
11:10 Deputy Lundy went into surgery.
4:00 p.m. Deputy Lundy was in stable, but critical condition.

“The selfless actions of this deputy saved many lives today,” said Taylor County Sheriff L.E. “Bummy” Williams. “The safety of the citizens of Taylor County is our main concern, and Deputy Lundy was willing to risk his own life today to save others. I am proud of his bravery and his heroism is to be commended. Deputy Lundy, his family, and the victims are in my prayers.”

Taylor County Deputy, Robert Lundy, is still listed in stable, but critical condition in the intensive care unit at Doctors’ Memorial Hospital in Perry.

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