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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 17:50

Body Shop, Located in Jacksonville Mall, Stands Out

Auto Body Speed Shop (ABSS), a repair shop located in Jacksonville, Florida, is located in a high-end strip mall. ABSS uses its location in the site of a former Blockbuster video store to create a retail look and feel for its customers. The facility boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that allow customers, as well as window-shoppers, to see techs at work. For added transparency, the shop has a live camera on its shop floor so anyone on the website can see what is happening in the shop at any given moment in real-time. Another rare occurrence, wind spires, can be seen on the far side of the property. The three wind spires work in conjunction with rooftop solar panels to decrease utility costs for the shop. The visual uniqueness is sure to make them memorable to both customers and spectators alike.

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