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Monday, 15 July 2013 18:52

Incompetents Attempt Separate Break-ins in Pensacola Shops

A 49-yr old man is under arrest after surveillance cameras caught him stuck in a fence while trying to escape from Reynolds Auto Body Shop on Cervantes Street in Pensacola, FL on July 8. Weatherspoon was trying to steal items stored out back of the shop, including  "two space heaters that were in the scrap pile going to the scrap yard, and a ten-year old radar detector," said Daniel Williams at Reynolds Auto Repair.

But as Weatherspoon tried to make a quick getaway and jump the fence, he got stuck, just as police arrived. "Luckily he wasn't smarter than a fence. He was caught bythe fence, and when PPD got him, he had his leg up, caught in the act, [literally] red-handed," said Williams. Police say Weatherspoon also had marijuana on him when he was arrested.

But the hapless Weatherspoon wasn't the only less-than-competent thief trying to steal from local auto repair shops that night.

John Denman, Owner of Discount Mufflers at 500 E Cervantes St., Pensacola, FL, reported a break in at his location. "It didn't sound like they were really on top of their game there," said Denman. He has owned Discount Mufflers for 20 years and said that, while his auto repair shop has been broken into before, this latest criminal is in a class of his own.

"They hurt themselves real good in the process because we had blood all over the floor and all over the cars and stuff" Mechanics spent the morning replacing windows the suspect broke while trying to access the shop. Denman believes the suspect actually broke in twice because he moved a tool box in front of the broken window the first time... Only for it to be knocked down again hours later. And apparently it wasn't money the suspect was after. Rather, it was gas.

"There were some wrenches on the floor where they had came back into the building, and at that time they got the extension cord and the drill," he said. Denman believes the suspect tried to drill into the gas lines of cars at the shop. But unfortunately for the suspect, the drill was broken leaving him empty-handed.

Police are still looking for the suspect in the Discount Mufflers break-in.

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