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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 21:01

Florida Carjacking Ordeal Begins at Body Shop

Gary DeGaetano was shutting the front gate of his auto body shop in Hudson in Pasco County, FL, May 29 when a man appeared with the word ‘Karma’ inked just below his Adam’s apple. He said he’d been walking all day and needed a ride, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

DeGaetano’s wife, Tracy, who had taken another car to visit him at the shop, watched as the man, who deputies later identified as 29-year-old William Robert Boyd, climbed into the passenger’s side of DeGaetano’s pickup truck.

They pulled out onto U.S. 19, headed north for Spring Hill. Tracy DeGaetano followed.

She watched them stop for gas near Walmart in Hudson and head north again. Then,  the truck hung a U-turn and pulled into a Circle K parking lot. Tracy’s phone rang. It was her husband Gary.

“The guy has got a gun to me,” he told her. “He wants the money.”

At Boyd’s demand, she said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, her husband told her to go into the convenience store to pull money from the ATM. Inside the store, she dialed 911.

When she wasn’t coming out with the cash, a Pasco sheriff’s report states, Boyd panicked. He told the body shop owner to drive.

Through the store’s window, Tracy DeGaetano watched the truck disappear.

The carjacker forced DeGaetano down the labyrinth of roads west of U.S. 19. Later, they came back onto U.S. 19, where authorities were waiting.

Boyd forced DeGaetano out of the truck, then jumped in the driver’s seat and peeled out, the reports state. Boyd zoomed up U.S. 19, turned right on State Road 52 and gunned the truck past 80 miles per hour.

He hit spikes deputies had laid near the intersection with Moon Lake Road. The tires flattened. The truck rolled. Deputies cuffed Boyd at the wreck scene. They found him with an airsoft plastic pellet gun.

He was booked into the Land O’Lakes jail on charges of robbery with a weapon, kidnapping, possession of methamphetamine, fleeing to elude, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving with property damage. Deputies added another charge of attempted carjacking with a deadly weapon in relation to an incident earlier in the day.  Boyd remained in jail the next day in lieu of $370,150 bail.

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