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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 19:58

Sanding Gang Assaults Car While Claiming to do Repair

A woman in a shopping center parking lot in Alpharetta, GA, told police she was approached by a man soliciting auto body work who enlisted children to sand-damage her vehicle.   According to the police report, the woman attempted to back her vehicle from its parking space when a dark green Honda Pilot blocked her way. A Hispanic man in his early 30s got out of the Pilot and approached her claiming to work for “Alpharetta Toyota.” He offered her a quote to fix some minor, pre-existing damage to the front of her vehicle.

The woman told the man she would be interested in a quote. According to the report, the man, along with a second Hispanic man and several children, immediately approached her car with spray bottles and sand paper. The woman told police she objected, but the men began to spray chemicals on the car and one of the men began using sandpaper. The men stopped after a disagreement, backed away from the woman’s vehicle and allowed her to leave. Police inspected the vehicle and noted a large portion of the front right fender and bumper had the top layer of paint removed and a significant amount of sanding marks.

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