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Friday, 14 December 2012 23:13

GCIA Reviews the Events of 2012 and Looks Forward to Another Busy Year in 2013

As the Georgia Collision Industry Association looks back at 2012 and closes a busy year, the association is already making plans for 2013.

In review, here is a recap of the events that the GCIA held in 2012:

• In January, Dave Gruskos from Reliable Automotive Equipment spoke to members regarding the new repair technology in today’s industry. He spoke about the new high-strength steel that is now involved in the production of many of the vehicles on the road today and the new tools, training and materials needed to repair them.
• In March, the GCIA conducted its sixth annual labor rate survey of the Metro Atlanta area. 292 Metro Atlanta shops completed the survey online or were contact by CSi Complete. According to the results, the average Metro Atlanta rates were $42 on body and refinish labor and $30 on paint and materials.
• In March, Rick Palmer from Computer Logic discussed paint and material compensation and how the rule of thumb method (Refinish Hours x Material Rate) was outdated and does not take into accounts special colors, tri stage and various other factors. Several states have used Palmer’s PaintLogic program to invoice the insurance companies and be paid properly for paint and material.
• In May, GCIA members attended the Georgia Insurance Property and Casualty Advisory Committee at the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office. The association was able to address paint and material caps, sales tax and the manipulation of the databases. In addition, the GCIA scheduled an additional meeting with P&C director Steve Manders to discuss these issues
• In June, Ray Gunder, Barrett Smith and Attorney Brent Geohagan provided a special legal presentation to teach members how to take their businesses back from insurer influence and learn how to address short pays and breach of contract. This was a well attended meeting with over 80 people in attendance.
• In August, several GCIA board members met with Senator Jack Murphy to discuss many issues that are affecting Georgia consumers. The association discussed P&M caps, manipulation of the database, and sales tax on paint and materials. Senator Murphy said he would work with the association to address these issues through legislation.
• In September, Allstate Insurance notified their repair facilities that they would no longer reimburse sales tax on paint and material. The GCIA contacted the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s office and Senator Jack Murphy to help resolve this issue. Senator Murphy contacted the Georgia Department of Revenue and had them contact GCIA Executive Director Howard Batchelor. After several weeks of discussion, Allstate reversed their decision and began reimbursing shops again for the sales tax.
• In September, State Farm spokesman George Avery spoke to members to discuss the new PartsTrader program. Over 140 people attended to hear Avery discuss why State Farm implemented this program and why they were trying to lower the list price on parts. Several shops from the Alabama area that were on the program expressed serious concerns on how this would affect their gross profit on parts.
• In October, the GCIA held its 16th Annual GCIA Golf Tournament at Trophy Club of Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA.  72 golfers enjoyed a beautiful day of golf and fellowship.
Some of the projects the GCIA is working on for 2013 include:
• Meeting with PartsTrader – Thursday, January 17.
• Extrication program
• 7th Annual GCIA Labor Rate Survey.

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