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Thursday, 20 September 2012 16:26

Mississippi Collision Repair Association Plans to Expand to the North and South

The Mississippi Collision Repair Association met Aug. 20 to discuss how shops can collect the balance on short paid claims. Attorney Melvin Pace explained how by having vehicle owners sign Power of Attorneys to give shops the right to make repair decisions and collect all money owed for repairs.

The newly revived association has plans to expand in north and south Mississippi. The next meeting will be held in Gulfport, MS, on Sept. 20 and the October meeting will be held in north Mississippi.

“Our goal is to have three well-organized districts addressing the local members’ needs on a regular basis,” said acting president John Mosley.

“We will have the membership vote on having a statewide meeting/convention annually.”

The MCRA recently submitted a survey to their membership, addressing training, database providers, warranties, paint booths and other issues.

The questions on the survey included:

“Do you use the procedure pages to prepare estimates?” Every shop answered ‘yes.’

“Are there any procedures identified by your database as not included in the published repair labor allocation which you do not intend to be paid for? If so, please identify them.”

While the terminology differed with the persons filling out the survey, the conclusion was 100% in that every shop intends to be paid for all the required performed procedures. Not one shop identified a procedure they did not expect to be paid for.

“This association intends to seek fair treatment for its members from the insurance industry,” Mosley said. “We will no longer sit back and have an industry tell the member shops ‘I won’t pay this because you’re the only one in this market area asking to be paid.’ This is a deceptive tactic used to intimate or scare a small business and it will not be tolerated any longer. Not in Mississippi, anyhow.

“The member shops are growing and are learning we can stand together united in a cause while competing for business in a fair manner. Every day, more shop owners are realizing we are not enemies because we seek the same customer. As allies, we have a powerful voice. Our voice is being heard.”

The survey also addressed the PartsTrader issue, and member consensus was “100% that PartsTrader is being considered for nothing more than State Farm’s profit and will be not any benefit to the consumer or repair industry,” Mosley said.

For more information about the Mississippi Collision Repair Association, please contact acting president John Mosley at (601) 924-2159 or email him at No website at this time.

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