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Thursday, 21 June 2012 14:44

Gunder Files Multiple Lawsuits for Short-Pays

Ray Gunder, on behalf of his company’s customers, has filed multiple individual lawsuits against several insurers for their short pays of fair and reasonable charges.

In the past week or so, Ray Gunder of Gunder’s Auto Center in Lakeland, Florida has instructed his company’s legal counsel, Brent Geohagan, to file four separate lawsuits seeking recovery of  the costs for various services and materials provided to his customers of which several insurers failed or refused to provide ample consideration. In each instance, the individual customer has authorized Ray Gunder to act in their behalf to seek recovery of the underpayments that each know are their personal financial obligation. They are as follows:

1.    Ms. Debra Koons: 2001 Suburban; Labor Rate Difference between $48.00 and $42.00 tendered by GEICO for a total demand of $231.50.

2.    Ms. Vivian Pierce: 2004 BMW X5: Feather-Prime and Block and related materials, and labor rate difference ($48.00 vs. $42.00) for $263.54 which State Farm failed to pay her.

3.    Ms. Juanita Langley: 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee; $2184.48 (23 different issues) plus car rental short-pay $87.09 of which Infinity Insurance Co. has failed to provide her.

4.    Ms. Lovenia Wiles: 098 Suzuki Impreza: The “Parts Return Fees” associated with the return of defective after-market parts in the amount of $237.54 of which Travelers Insurance refused to provide for.

5.    Mr. Hugh Coachman: 2010 Ford Explorer: The costs associated with Tint-color $48.00, Feather Prime and Block $63.00, PMC Logic P&M invoicing @ $479.93, color-sand & polish @ $52.80,  and $364.80 in labor rate difference ($48.00 vs. $42.00) of which  State Farm Ins. has refused to provide him.

Ray Gunder stated, “It’s been a busy week or so for our attorney Brent Geohagan; and while many insurers have paid such fees without so much as a whimper, I’m anxious to get these matters before a judge and jury to set a case precedence of which our customers can use in the future to be properly compensated. Hopefully these types of actions will not be necessary in the foreseeable future… but regardless… we’ll keep “Pounding the Rock”!

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