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Monday, 14 May 2012 22:00

Florida Collision Repairers Hold Legal Seminar

More than 60 people attended the Collision Industry's Legal Seminar held recently in Lakeland, Florida. Attendees came from Oregon, Minnesota, New York and many other states to hear information shared by Ray Gunder, Bret Geohagan (legal counsel for Gunder’s Auto Center, Inc.) and Barrett Smith of Auto Damage Experts, Inc.

In a poll taken during the initial introductions, the one re-occurring motivation for most everyone’s attendance was to learn how to regain control of their business and its profitability.

“From discussions held during the meeting and on breaks, the State Farm Parts Procurement program seemed to be one of the straws straining the camel’s back and collision repairers ‘are mad as heck and are not going to take it anymore’ and are seeking alternative methods of operating their businesses,” said Ray Gunder.

“We were asked by many in attendance if we could “take the show on the road,” stated Smith. "In discussing with Ray and Brent, while humbled, we agreed that if there was enough interest in any given market to arrange the travel and accommodations, we would gladly consider sharing the message with others.”

Barrett went on to say, "There’s a significant thirst for this knowledge as industry professionals are just plain tired of the status quo and struggling to keep their businesses viable.

For more information, contact Barrett Smith at (813) 657-6705 or


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