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Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:49

State Farm Pays Gunder’s Processes and Materials Previously Denied—Without Litigation

Ray Gunder of Gunder’s Auto Center has been pressing insurers to provide full compensation to his customers for “necessary processes and materials needed to properly and thoroughly repair his customer’s vehicles” through filing litigation against the insurer, specifically State Farm, on the customer’s behalf.

The first instance required a lawsuit to be levied against the insurer by Gunder brought the matter of unpaid procedures and paint and material invoicing to court and was settled during a court ordered mediation and actual litigation was avoided. State Farm agreed to pay all the procedural and material invoicing as well as Gunder’s legal fees and costs associated with that case against them. Shortly after that settlement, once again, on behalf of his customer, Ray found it necessary to file yet another lawsuit against the nation’s largest personal auto insurer to compel them to provide reasonable compensation for necessary processes and related paint and materials. Just moments before going before the judge for the first hearing on the matter, the insurer, through their legal team, agreed to pay the entire amount due plus Gunder’s legal fees and costs.

This month, another one of Gunder’s customers was denied consideration for the necessary paint related procedures (i.e. prime, block and feathering aka fill, sand and feather) and the labor called for to re-set electronics on a customer’s vehicle.

Upon the denial, as customary, Ray contacted his customer and explained the denials and short-pay and discussed possible activities to collect. Ray’s customer became extremely agitated and immediately contacted the State Farm claim representative and expressed his dismay, both by phone and in writing via e-mail.

After several calls and discussions, three days later State Farm called the customer to advise that they would pay the paint related “Prime Block and Feathering” and related materials as well as re-setting the vehicle’ electronics, including resetting the programmed stations in the radio which were noted by Gunder’s prior to performing the repair which required disconnecting the battery.

The customer, elated wrote the following to Ray; “I am, as always…. totally satisfied with the work Gunder’s did on my Nissan. they make it an art…. and that is precisely why I have been a loyal customer since about 1976. my largest claim with Gunders, has been over $48,000.00. I had a new silver CLK55 AMG Mercedes. a work truck turned in front of me and I hit him hard. Gunder’s did such a superb job, that when my lease was up, the Mercedes rep couldn’t even tell it had been wrecked. I most certainly hope i don’t have another, but if I do, it will go right back to ray Gunder’s body shop.”

When asked for a comment Ray stated: “The customer’s comments say it all for me. That’s what we’re here for and that’s all we want to do… serve our customers with the best possible service and quality workmanship we can…it appears we have met that goal and we’ll continue to do just that  and just keep pounding that rock!”

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