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Monday, 25 February 2019 22:24

VA Auto Body Shops Keep Busy With Busted Bumpers From Winter Storms

Written by Jay Korff, ABC7/WJLA

On Feb. 19, it was so busy at C&G Specialty Auto Repair and Auto Body in Arlington, VA, that it was tough to find an open spot outside. Inside, there was a flurry of activity thanks to the city’s last snow fall.


Parts technician Peter Luong said the shop is normally deep in dinged doors. But since January’s snow storm, they’ve been buried in even more busted bumpers.


“We are still working on some cars that came in from a couple weeks ago," Luong said. "People lose their sense of driving. It’s like they’re first time driving.”


Yes, bad weather can be good for business. The Feb. 20 forecast was a predictor of just how busy they would be later that week.


“I hope it’s not going to be too bad tomorrow," Luong said. "They’re calling for about 5--8 inches, right?”


Luong’s hope is for less rain and more shine.


“Hopefully people learn from the last storm and be a little more careful," Luong said.


We thank ABC7/WJLA for reprint permission.

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