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Friday, 11 November 2016 21:59

Man, Possibly High, Goes on Body Shop Sledgehammer Rampage

Written by Al Pefley,

Sledgehammer shock

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A man went on a rampage at a Florida auto body shop in what a sheriff’s dispatcher described as a case of excited delirium.

Part of the incident was caught on a surveillance camera.


As horrified employees watched in disbelief, a man in a black T-shirt took out his rage on a car at Dave’s Auto Body on Northlake Boulevard.


Surveillance video shows he was so aggressive he even went after some of the employees, taking swings at them.


“He was just flipping out; he was crazy,” said the manager of the body shop, who would not give his name.


The heavy-set man came into the office at Dave’s Auto Body about 4:30pm on October 26.


Right away, workers knew something about him wasn’t right.


“We’ve never seen him before. He just was really out of control, like he was on flakka or something,” said Paul Ritchie, a Dave’s Auto Body employee.


Was this another case of excited delirium or someone high on flakka?


Officials have reported flakka, or bath salts, may have played a role in another recent case where Austin Harrouff, 19, whom deputies say exhibited incredible strength for his size, allegedly killed a couple near Tequesta and bit pieces of flesh off of their faces.


The FBI is testing his blood for flakka.


In this case, the attacker picked up a chair, knocked over a tool box, and grabbed a sledgehammer.


He stormed out to the parking lot, pounding a customer’s Jaguar, denting the hood.


“He threw some stuff around. Punched a car. Kicked it,” the body shop manager said.


Employees say the guy was clearly under the influence of something and running around like he was out of his mind.


“He reeks of alcohol. He had drugs in his socks. When he took his socks off, they fell on the ground. He was very scary,” Ritchie said.


As far as we know, none of the employees were injured.


Deputies responded. We are waiting for details on the name and age of the attacker and what charges he’s facing. Employees say he did about $2,000 worth of damage to the Jaguar.


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