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Friday, 05 February 2016 17:38

Hundreds of Potholes Being Repaired in TN

Those with the Department of Metro Public Works in Tenessee said they have repaired about 300 potholes in a week, and so far they've used 90 tons of asphalt to do it.

While there hasn't been a specific area of concern, commuters did have issues with a pothole on Feb 3 reported on Interstate 65 South and Trinity Lane, an area managed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

According to a spokesperson, crews responded to the area around 1 a.m. and repaired it within hours. It took around 28 bags of mix to fix it.

"We treat potholes based on severity, and when we get a call about a pothole that is potentially damaging cars, we do send a crew out as quickly as possible," said Kathryn Shulte, spokesperson for TDOT.

TDOT officials said they repaired roughly 300 potholes this week, but some drivers have already experienced damage to their vehicles.

Several auto body shop workers said they've been busy fixing the damage. One business owner said the best thing you can do to avoid further damage after hitting a pothole is to stop and inspect your vehicle.

"Sometimes you hit a pothole hard enough it'll bend the rim or it will separate the tire, and lots of times you get a hard pull to the left or right then you know you have problems with your front end," said Bobby Leggs, owner of Auto Repair Shop near Trinity Lane.

Thank you NewsChannel 5 for reprint permission.

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