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Tuesday, 15 December 2015 01:30

FOX 17 News Investigation: Man Finds His 'Totaled' Car for Sale at Dealership

FOX 17 News is investigating wrecked cars that go to auction.

Chances are vehicles with a car accident history could end up on local used car lots. Antioch resident Adam Coats got into a car wreck and began his insurance claim.

According to Coats the insurance company deemed his 2007 Nissan Titan totaled saying the damage was more than 75 percent of the value of his vehicle. Coats got an insurance payout of almost $14,000 and bought a new truck. Coats said his old truck was entirely paid off and was hoping it would be repaired, but instead he's now making monthly payments.

A couple of months later, Coats found his old truck repaired and for sale at a local dealership. FOX 17 verified the VIN with the owner. The owner says he bought the damaged truck at auction for $6,000 and it only took him $1,000 to repair the vehicle to good working condition. Coats says he would have paid $1,000 to repair his vehicle and it would be much more affordable than having to buy a new truck.

The auto body shop that assessed the damage was not available for an interview but the general manager is addressing the issue with corporate and has agreed to meet at a later date.

Thank you to Fox 17 News for permission to reprint this article.

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