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Friday, 21 August 2015 21:54

John Mosley Says State Farm Influenced Campaign Results; State Farm Responds

Autobody News reached out to John Mosley on August 5 and August 13 for further comments on the campaign results:

"I was strong as long as it was he and I involved, but when State Farm started sending out letters and having agents call their insured, things went south."

Mosley went on to explain, "A few weeks before the election, a good friend, who is a State Farm agent, called to tell me he had just left a meeting of agents called by State Farm. The topic of the meeting was the future of State Farm, but he said it quickly turned to three hours of this is John Mosley, this is what he has done (my lawsuit in the 90's and the MDL) and this is what he might do if he is elected. The agents were told that if I was elected, State Farm would leave the state of Mississippi. These agents were told how they could help the effort to defeat me and save their businesses by donating to the State Farm PAC and by talking to their insureds about the election. They were probably not the only company working against me, but they were the one I received the letters and phone calls about. At any rate, I wonder what State Farm didn't want me to know as the commissioner."

Mosley said he sent Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney a letter congratulating him and asking if they could meet to discuss some of the insurance issues consumers face on Mississippi. As of 8/13, he had not received a response.

"I shined a light on many issues and the commissioner will have to think about what he should do. If he doesn't work harder for the people, I will be back in four years," said Mosley. "In the meantime, I intend to help spread the word to the citizens of Louisiana [so they know] to expect this type of behavior intent on interfering with Matt Parker's campaign."

Autobody News reached out to Mississippi State Farm media contact, Roszell Gadson, who stated, “State Farm, as a company, does not support state and local candidates for office. Our independent agents are free to engage in the political process as they see fit.”

Jack Weatherly of reported that Chaney also put nearly three times as much funding toward his campaign as Mosley. Out of the $448,121.11 in total expenditures, $279,180 came from campaign contributions, while $98,959.88 was a carryover from his 2011 campaign.

Mosley contributed $158,000 from his own pocket.

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