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Monday, 10 August 2015 19:44

The Hybrid Shop (THS) in VA Expands Into the Asia Market

The Hybrid Shop (THS) announced on August 4 its international expansion to the Asia market through its new Dealer Partner, Optima Werkz. With its three full-service workshops in Singapore, Optima Werkz is a full-service automobile services company which will join a growing international network of Dealer Partners.

Through its partnership and training with THS, Optima Werkz can now fully service hybrid and electric vehicles and provide THS’ hybrid Battery Pack Conditioning service. THS’ hybrid Battery Pack Conditioning is a green service that restores up to 95 percent of the battery pack’s original power and energy, while driving significant increased fuel economy over the vehicle’s lifetime. This new partnership with THS will provide Optima Werkz with the opportunity to extend its footprint and leadership positioning, while adding to its service specialization recognition and amounts of hybrid customers it is able to reach.

According to a THS press release, the key advantages and savings that Optima Werkz clients can expect from these new services include:

  • Cost-savings – Battery Pack Conditioning is approximately 1/3 the cost of battery replacement. An underperforming hybrid battery results in decreased fuel economy and torque. Before The Hybrid Shop’s introduction of proprietary battery conditioning technology, hybrid owners’ only option was battery replacement which could cost as much as $4,000- $9,000;
  • Enhanced fuel economy – Battery Pack Conditioning results in 10-35% fuel economy improvement, depending on the initial state of the battery at the time of service; and
  • Enhanced vehicle performance – Every HEV undergoing these services will perform more efficiently, cost less to operate, and experience improved drivability.

Optima Werkz will also offer services that ensures hybrid customers receive the highest quality repair and maintenance, including:

  • Battery Pack Conditioning and rebuilding services;
  • Testing of electric transmissions, DC-DC converters, power inverter and control systems; and
  • Hybrid specific maintenance.

Optima Werkz will also offer the optional State of Health (SOH) program that assesses how a vehicle’s overall systems are performing to deliver maximum results, reliability, and cost-savings.

The partnership between THS and Optima Werkz is a part of their ongoing commitment to serve as a preferred long-term one-stop service center for their client’s automotive servicing and repairs needs.

“We are so proud to be a Dealer Partner of THS and to have the opportunity to provide the globally-leading hybrid battery conditioning services in Singapore,” Optima Werkz’s Managing Director, Jason Ang states. “Our team works hard to lead the industry with in-depth technical expertise, top resources, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence, supported by top-of-the-line equipment. Thanks to THS, we can now efficiently service our hybrid customers and be the leader in our local market.”

“THS is honored to partner with Optima Werkz, our first international Dealer Partner in Singapore and to not only certify their team in our battery conditioning service but as experts in care of hybrid vehicles as well,” Dave Crawford, CEO of The Hybrid Shop, stated. “It is also a very exciting time for THS. We are currently exploring expanding our network into Australia and are attracting interest from business across Europe and Asia as well.”

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