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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 18:04

HABA Asks for Help as Texas 83rd Legislature Comes to End

Written by staff

A member of the Houston Auto Body Association recently posted this request for help on the HABA website:

Dear Industry Leaders:

House Bill 500 reducing the franchise tax passed but now the senator in charge of drafting the comparable bill has removed the tax relief provisions for our industry. We need to get them reinstated.

It’s not too late, but it’s the 11th hour. There are 7 days left in this session and the legislature will pass a bill.

The only question is will it provide the tax equity that we deserve or will it continue to give the dealerships and franchises an unfair competitive advantage.

If you do not call and take action, do not be upset when you get your tax bill for 1% and your tax audit from the state comptroller. Make the time. Make the call.


Please forward this to everyone and let them know now is the time to get on the phone!

Thanks to Johnny Bang from Tomball for getting us these other phone numbers. Please stand up for your industry! There is no Senate bill number yet but if you tell them HB 500 they know what you are talking about.

• Sen. Tommy Williams-Woodlands (Chair) 512-463-0104
• Sen. Chuy Hinojosa-McAllen (Vice-Chair) 512-4630120
• Sen. Bob Deuell-Greenville 512-463-0102
• Sen. Bob Duncan-Lubbock 512-463-0128
• Sen. Kevin Eltife-Tyler 512-463-0101
• Sen. Craig Estes-Wichita Falls 512-463-0130
• Sen. Glen Hegar-Katy 512-463-0118
• Sen. Joan Huffman-Houston 512-463-0117
• Sen. Eddie Lucio-Brownsville 512-463-0127
• Sen. Jane Nelson-Flower Mound 512-463-0112
• Sen. Dan Patrick-Houston 5123-463-0107
• Sen. Kel Seliger-Amarillo 512-463-0131
• Sen. Royce West-Dallas 512-463-0123
• Sen. John Whitmire-Houston 512-463-0115
• Sen. Judith Zaffirini-Laredo 512-463-0121

When you call, ask to speak with the staffer who handles Senate Finance issues for the Senator. If you get put through to the staffer, say that you would like to voice your support for HB 500 that was heard in the Sub-cmte on Fiscal Matters on May 16 and that you would like Section 1 from HB 500 (the service trade versus retail trade for body shops and independent repair shops) to be included in the Committee Substitute for HB 500.

In John Miller’s last newsletter article about the franchise tax he asked that everyone be willing to make calls to Austin when the time came.

Our bill passed the House and is now in the Senate where they are stripping out all of the things we have worked four years to get. Even if you do not pay this tax, stand up for your fellow shop owners and call Austin.

Call Senator Glenn Hagar’s office, Chair of the Finance Committee, talk to Pete; 1-512-463-0118.

Tell them how this bill is needed to make the independent’s tax rate equal to the dealers, parts stores and tire stores that do auto repair.

Tell them how we have worked four years to get this bill passed to get fair taxation.

Your association has stood up for you with the City and the State. Now is the time for you to do your part. We really need your help.

Kathryn, Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage

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