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Friday, 22 December 2017 20:15

Vehicle Repaired With Aftermarket Parts To Be Crash Tested in CA

Burl's Collision Center, owned by ABAT President Burl Richards, has repaired two Honda fit vehicles to go out for crash testing in California. 

The first vehicle was repaired by Burl's Collision for Mr. Todd Tracy and repairs were made mirror image to how the vehicle was fixed at John Eagle Collision. The second vehicle was outfitted with aftermarket parts and documented along the way. Burl's Collision put the vehicle on a Car-O-Liner Frame bench, where it was pre-measured to verify that it had NO existing structural damage, documented via computer printout and video clips.

 It's left and right hood hinges, radiator support and bumper reinforcement bar were replaced with Aftermarket Parts. They replaced the left and right fenders as well as the hood with CAPA Certified Aftermarket Parts. Destructive weld tests were performed and documented before welding took place on the vehicle. 

After assembly, a Post Scan was performed to ensure no Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) were indicated. The vehicles are now en route to KARCO International in California to be crash tested.

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