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Monday, 13 July 2015 19:57

HABA Offers New Members Opportunity to Participate in Labor Rates Survey

Written by HABA PR

Those who join HABA in the near future will be offered an opportunity to participate in the association's 2015 labor rate survey.

According to HABA's membership, "as the insurance industry tightens it's belt by paying for fewer hours and operations, we are seeing an increase in labor, material, equipment and training cost. As a result, shops have increased the rates charged for their services."

In response to these increases, HABA will be commissioning surveys of the local collision repair market, to determine want the majority of the businesses our charging for their services.

The association added, "Don't believe when you're told 'you're the only shop charging that' because you're not. Make your voice heard and let other shops know they are not alone. Start making a difference."

As always, all shop information is kept confidential. Only the overall results will be released.

Membership price: $300

For those who are members but haven't paid their dues, please visit this website:

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