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Monday, 01 June 2009 16:56

Chrysler Plants likely to close permanently

Eight Chrysler plants now seem likely to be closed down entirely. In addition to plants in south St. Louis, Missouri and Newark, Deleware that are already idle, the following 6 North American plants are in danger:

  • Sterling Heights (Mich.) Assembly Plant
  • Detroit (Mich.) Axle
  • Conner Avenue (Detroit) Assembly
  • St. Louis (Mo.) North Plant
  • Kenosha (Wisc.) Engine
  • Twinsburg (Ohio) Stamping Plant

These plants were all scheduled to be shut down by December of 2010. Considering that the assembly plant in Sterling Heights is the only location building the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger, these two mid-size sedans appear to be on the block.

Chrysler’s restructuring plan also calls for closing Chrysler’s two plants in Fenton, Mo, for a total of eight.

Chrysler’s South plant in Fenton, which assembles minivans, was idled at the end of October. Chrysler’s North plant, which makes Dodge Ram trucks, was idled earlier this month for one to two months and has been slated for closure by Sept. 30.

The plants had employed 1,200 workers in Fenton, down from 5,000 several years ago.


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