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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 00:00

MA Body Shop Must Develop Plan for "Chronic Code Violations"

A body shop with chronic code violations on Dickens Street in Attleboro must come up with a new plan for parking cars on its lot and stick to it, zoning officials said during a revocation hearing, reported The Sun Chronicle.

R&D Auto has been cited three times under two owners for failing to adhere to the conditions of its special permit, especially one restricting the number of cars on its lot. The shop has until the May meeting of the zoning board of appeals to submit a plan, reported The Sun Chronicle.

The shop is allowed to park 12 cars under the special permit, but recent inspections have found as many as 20 or more in the lot.

Board members told The Sun Chronicle that some of the problem may stem from having a license to sell used cars and to run a body shop, which could cause confusion about how many cars are allowed on the lot.

On top of that, the site may be too small for both operations according to city Director of Planning and Development Gary Ayrassian.

R&D has also allegedly violated prohibitions about storing trash and material outside, reported The Sun Chronicle.

At least one neighbor had complained about the business before the decision was made to hold a meeting.

However, R&D lawyer Ed Casey told The Sun Chronicle that the shop's immediate neighbors have no problem with the operation and suggested that complaints are coming from a competing business down the street.

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