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Monday, 16 February 2015 00:00

84-Year-Old MD Woman in Year-Long Battle with Repair Shop to Get Car Back

An elderly woman from Forestville has been battling with a mechanic who has had possession of her car for more than a year. Despite dishing out $2,100, her car has not been fixed and she hasn't gotten her money back.

Eighty-four-year-old Ruth Worthy brought her car into Guinyard Auto Repair for front end damage and to get her transmission replaced. After hearing nothing from mechanic Tony Guinyard for several months, Worthy took him to court and had him summonsed to appear multiple times.

She told Horace Holmes of that they can't find him.

When Holmes went to the shop, he found Guinyard right outside, and proceeded to ask him about Worthy's car before the door was slammed in his face. Holmes finally spoke with Guinyard by phone and asked him why it has taken an entire year to give Worthy her car back. Guinyard told the reporter he's gone through three transmissions, trying to get one to work, and while he's tried to contact her, he hasn't heard from her since the summer.

Guinyard also claims they were in a dispute over charges for labor.

He said he returned her car so there would be no more trouble. Worthy has her car back, but it's still not fixed. Legal experts recommended that she hire a lawyer so she can get her money back. Guinyard told Holmes part of the holdup was over $375 for labor. Worthy insisted on paying when the job was done, while Holmes wanted the money it up front.

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