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Monday, 09 February 2015 00:00

Snow Banks are the Culprit Behind Broken Bumpers in Greenfield, MA

The biggest reason Greenfield residents are coming into body shops this winter is because of fender benders from skidding into snowbanks, reported Alessandra Martinez,

Liebenow Auto Body in Greenfield told Martinez that because most bumpers are plastic, they have trouble withstanding the cold, while the warm weather makes them more pliable.

Linda Liebenow, the manager, explained to Martinez that they’ve had two or three bumper repairs a day since the "historic" blizzard hit the east coast during the first few days of February. Snow fall has become a regular occurrence in this part of the country, causing continuous accumulation on the snow banks.

Liebenow recommends that car owners wipe off their vehicle before bringing it in, so they can get a better idea of where the repairs are and service it faster. However, washing the car with water may cause the doors and trunk to freeze.

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