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Monday, 08 September 2014 16:09

Car Intended As Charitable Gift To Family In Need Stolen

A vehicle was stolen from an organization in Manchester, NH that fixes up cars and gives them to families in need.

The Good News Garage said that a car that was ready to be given to a family this month was stolen overnight.

"We try very hard to fix as many cars as possible for families in need, and this is a huge setback for us," said Nick Lantagne of Good News Garage.

The red Volkswagen Golf had been donated to the organization in August. It passed inspection and was ready for repairs before being given to a local family in need.

Lantagne said the car was taken overnight while it was waiting to be fixed at one of the many local repair shops the group works with. The news of the stolen car is hitting home for many mechanics.

"It's rough," said Kevin Almeida of South Elm Automotive. "The organization takes the time to take these donated cars and repair them."

The organization has given more than 4,000 donated cars to families throughout New England. The majority of vehicles are for single parents trying to juggle work, school and daycare.

"This is the first time a donated car has been stolen from Good News Garage," said Susan Swain, marketing and communications manager for the NH and ME locations. "It's a shock."

Lantagne said Good News Garage will work quickly to replace the stolen car for the family. In the meantime, staff members are asking for the public's help in locating the red Volkswagen.

"They can certainly call our organization or the Manchester Police Department," Lantagne said. "If it looks out of place or suspicious, it could be our vehicle."

Good News Garage is a nonprofit that began in Burlington, VT in 1996. When it was first established, it was one of two organizations that repaired donated vehicles for local families in need. Now, similar organizations can be found across the United States. Good News Garage is part of a larger, Lutheran-affiliated nonprofit called Ascentria Care Alliance, which has 60 locations throughout New England.

If you'd like to donate a vehicle to Good News Garage, click HERE. If you'd like to learn more about the organization, contact Swain at 603-669-6937 or toll free at 877-400-6065.

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