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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00

Newborn Kittens Surprise Rochelle Park, NJ, Auto Body Shop Mechanics

When a tow truck brought a beat-up, windowless black Volkswagen to Prestige Auto Spa in Rochelle Park, NJ, the mechanics didn’t think anything of it.

But when mechanic Moe Tanta went to check out the car on May 2, 2014, he heard infant-like wails coming from the vehicle.

Three kittens—still toothless, their eyes barely open—were curled up in the back seat, crying.

Bashar Orfali, the shop’s owner and a mechanic, brought the weeks-old kittens into the office. Orfali, who has a cat at home, soon became a leading caregiver to the shop’s new residents, giving them once-a-day baths in the sink and feeding them every few hours.

Until the kittens are more independent, the employees take turns feeding them every two hours. Orfali stops in on the weekends, too.

More than anything, the kittens have proven to be a joy for the shop employees and customers, who play with the kittens while waiting for their cars.

Orfali said he knows several people interested in taking the kittens once they are older, but he does not want to see the two brothers and sister separated.

“If we can keep them here, we’ll do that,” Orfali said.

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