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Thursday, 01 May 2014 23:33

Leetsdale, PA, May be Cracking Down on Unregistered Vehicles, Source Said to be Body Shops Parking Repairs

Property owners who place cars on other private land or keep abandoned vehicles on their property are warned that Leetsdale, PA, could soon be cracking down, according to Bobby Cherry’s article at Complaints say property owners, including some auto repair shops in the borough, are creating unsightly conditions, taking away public parking spots for others, and illegally parking cars on vacant private property.

“We have a number of places in town where vehicles have stayed in place for a year or two at a time, and they sit there, and they’re not worked on, and they’re not moved,” councilman Joe McGurk said. “What it does is make the town look ugly. It looks bad whether you can see it from Beaver Street or down on (Route 65).” McGurk said he has observed vehicles parked on sites where homes had been knocked down. In some cases, those vehicles are from an auto repair shop, McGurk and other council members said.

“It would be different if we found out that somebody was working on the cars over the course of five days,” McGurk said. “But that’s not the case.

He and other council members want to see laws enforced that ban unregistered cars from being parked within the borough and tougher sanctions considered for people who park cars on property owned by others.

Police chief James Santucci said the borough could enforce state laws that prohibit unregistered cars through an abandoned cars law. That could eliminate cars parked on private property as a code enforcement officer could cite property owners or vehicle owners.

Santucci said police could enforce laws pertaining to on-street parking.

Council vice president Wes James said he has seen similar issues along Brookline Boulevard in Pittsburgh, PA, where he said auto body shop owners and employees use public spaces and private areas to park cars.

“If you don’t put anything in writing, it’s kind of a free for all,” he said.

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