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Thursday, 27 March 2014 19:09

Pennsylvania Body Shop Owner Wants More Government Oversight

South Philadelphia, PA, body shop owner, Domenico Nigro, wants more oversight and regulation by the city or state. He says it’s because he cares about the safety of customers and other citizens.

“People who do heavy repair work on your car are not required to be certified to guarantee their competence,” says Nigro. “Auto body shops need business and other licenses to operate, but ‘there is no true certification” to test competence of repairs,” Nigro says. Competence should be tested because “I’m in an industry where people can die” if a job is done wrong, he says.

Another Nigro complaint concerns insurance companies. “They don’t look at it as what you should be doing, to do it well,” he says. “They absolutely want the lowest price they can get.”

Nigro has spoken with a few city council members and state senators. Councilman Bill Greenlee said that he hasn’t had time to delve into it yet and wonders whether it should be done on the city or state level. State Senator Larry Farnese’s office believes it should be at the state level “for a more-level playing field for Philadelphia business.”

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