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Tuesday, 04 March 2014 01:05

Pritz Auto Body in West York, PA, Gets A Load of Repairs

Kimber Sutton, office manager for Pritz Auto Body, said cars getting towed into the shop this week could take three to six weeks to fix because of the volume of damage this winter has caused. Her niece’s orange Chevy Cobalt was among the casualties.

It came to the shop with hood, grill, and bumper damage following an interaction with an icy road and a deer two weeks ago in York Township, PA.

Brad Pritz, manger of Pritz Auto Body, estimates he’ll fix at least five cars each day. “In the auto body business, a crazy winter is a good winter. This one so far has been a good one out of the last five years,” Pritz added. “Every week we seem to get some kind of inclement weather, snow or freezing rain. It’s been exceptionally busy.” He said twenty cars were in-process at Pritz’s York location.

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