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Thursday, 06 February 2014 22:23

Auto Collision Specialists Says it is the First Mercedes-Certified Body Shop in Baltimore, MD

On December 13, 2013, Auto Collision Specialists, in Baltimore was recognized by admission to the Mercedes-Benz Tier 2/Elite Certified Collision Program. Only a selected number of shops throughout the United States have been granted this elite certification for aluminum structural repair. Mercedes-Benz has said that Tier 2 certifications will be limited, as needed, per market area.


ACS became the first Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center in the Baltimore area when the certification program was initially instated. In the past year, Mercedes-Benz introduced an even more exclusive program for aluminum structural repair, and ACS was one of the first to apply.

To become a member, collision repair facilities must prove, in the course of a rigorous audit, that they possess the equipment and technical training to qualify. Typically, an auto body shop will require multiple audits and numerous corrective actions before being granted certification. ACS was one of the few in the history of the program to achieve Tier 2/Elite status after the first audit, with no corrective actions required.

Aluminum is widely used in the construction of luxury vehicles. Proper repair of aluminum body vehicles requires specialized training and equipment, including specialized tools and welds, which can only be used in a controlled clean room. Aluminum structural repairs should be performed only by certified shops with the proper equipment and technical training.

In addition to their specialized aluminum welding equipment, Auto Collision Specialist’s technician Dan Scilipote has been certified for receiving advanced training in Aluminum Structural Welding. Technicians possessing that certification are required to have considerable experience in Gas-Metal Arc (GMA) Welding, and in the repair of complex body structure damage.

This new elite certification comes as a result of ACS’s continued investment in the latest equipment and training. ACS utilizes: Genuine Mercedes-Benz Replacement Parts, M-B approved equipment; dedicated fixture bench approved by Mercedes-Benz to ensure assembly-line accuracy; and ASE, I-Car and Mercedes-Benz certified technicians.

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