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Saturday, 25 January 2014 23:16

PA Residents Have Right to E-Proof of Insurance in March

Pennsylvania residents will soon be able to prove they have auto insurance via electronic mobile devices during a traffic stop. Residents will be able to receive their proof of auto insurance electronically or sign up for collision coverage without a deductible. Senate Bill 1040 allows insurance companies to electronically issue financial responsibility identification cards, if both the insurance company and consumer agree. “With the type of technology we literally have at our fingertips, we receive all sorts of documents electronically,” said Rep. Tina Pickett (R), who serves as chairman of the House Insurance Committee. “It is time to update our laws to reflect this change, and that’s why we [have worked] to make it easier for motorists to receive their auto insurance cards electronically.” The legislation also removes the requirement that vehicle owners carry insurance policies with a minimum deductible for collision coverage. Currently, state law mandates that vehicle owners carry a $100 minimum deductible for collision coverage. ductible policy. The law takes effect in March. Other states, including VA and ME, have similar legislation.

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