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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 17:40

Pennsylvania Bill Seeks to Reduce Parts Inspections

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 332, introduced by State Sen. Elder A. Vogel (R-47), seeks to reduce the number of emissions inspections for vehicles. The bill, which has been referred to the Senate Committee on Transportation, includes the following provisions:

• Newest model year vehicles will be exempt from the requirements for emissions inspections for 10 years from the date of original registration,

• Alternative fuel vehicles will be exempt from the requirements for emissions inspections. A certificate of exemption shall be affixed to the vehicle in a manner prescribed by department regulations,

• The department, in consultation with the Department of Environmental Protection, will immediately notify the Environmental Protection Agency of modifications to the vehicle emissions program and of the intent to seek its approval of the plan, in accordance with the requirements of federal law,

• Newest 10 model year and alternative fuel vehicles shall be subject to visual anti-tampering inspections for the presence of emissions control components installed on the vehicle by manufacturers.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) opposes the 10-year emissions inspection exemption and the exemption of alternative fuel vehicles. This legislation will harm consumers and the environment.
ASA urges Pennsylvania independent repairers to send a letter in opposition to their state senator. To send a letter and to view the full text of the bill, visit ASA’s legislative website at and click on the “Track State Legislation” tab in the left menu.

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