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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 23:54

CCRE Reviews Activities Accomplished in 2012

The Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence (CCRE) held several events and activities during 2012.

March events included the AASP/NJ Northeast Leadership Conference and Trade Show to review industry trends and insurer involvement in the collision repair industry; the Autobody Association of Connecticut quarterly meeting where dialogue included business management philosophies and insurer involvement in our industry; and a three-day legal seminar held in late March in Philadelphia, PA, with noted attorneys and speakers to discuss legal documents, assignments and contracts for collision repairers.

In May, CCRE activity centered around a seminar and a general meeting with repair shop owners in Birmingham, AL, to discuss business management, industry problems and PartsTrader Issues.

In June, the CCRE met in Hartford, CT, to present a condensed version of the CCRE Level I and Level II seminars and to discuss the changing industry, legal issues faced by collision repairers and types of liabilities we are exposed to.

Several events happened in September: On Sept. 11, CCRE spoke on industry issues and PartsTrader issues at the ABAC Connecticut meeting; on Sept. 12, CCRE participated in a panel discussion during AASP/MA Annual Meeting regarding PartsTrader and other industry issues; Sept. 15, the CCRE and AASP/MA hosted a condensed version of Level I business philosophy; Sept. 20, CCRE held an advanced three-day legal seminar in Philadelphia, PA, to discuss issues involving repair contracts, assignment of proceeds and contracts of adhesion.

In October, CCRE and AASP hosted a condensed version of a Level II management seminar.

Finally, in December, CCRE and AASP/MA hosted a legal seminar involving Massachusetts law and assignments.

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