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Tuesday, 24 July 2018 21:03

Dorchester County, MD, Public Schools Join Youth Apprenticeship Program

Written by Kelsie Cairns, WMDT


"This is a huge opportunity for youth of Dorchester County,” said Kermit Hines, principal of Dorchester Career and Technology Center in Cambridge, MD.


Dorchester County Public Schools are the first on the Eastern Shore to join a state program aimed at shaping students for the work world.


It's called the student apprenticeship program.


The program allows students to earn school credit while getting hands-on experience.


Hines said it gives students a leg up in the workforce.


"It gives them that edge to have someone who has been chosen as an expert in the field to teach them in that same field," he said.


With the apprenticeship program, students can get hands-on experience in a variety of different areas, such as auto collision repair and refinishing.


When school starts back this fall, students can apply to various companies and interview just as they would for a regular job.


They can earn 450 hours working in the field, on top of earning school credit, and get paid.


Jesse Morris, once a student of a similar work program, said the hands-on skills he developed smoothed the way for his success in the automotive industry.


"You essentially are higher qualified than those just walking in off the street [to job interviews]," Morris said.


Morris has a message for teens thinking about applying for the DCTC apprenticeship program.


"Try it!” he said. “You will never know if you don't try it. You will get dirty; you may skin your knuckles; you may hurt your fingers, but it’s worthwhile."


We thank WMDT for reprint permission.

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