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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 18:28

'Tyrannical' Cop Charged in Slate Belt Auto Body Shop Disturbance

Written by Jim Deegan,


police officer charged disturbance body shop

The citations against police officer Daniel Dieter accuse him of causing public alarm and "acting in a loud and tyrannical manner." (Photo: Jim Deegan | For


A police officer who works for three Lehigh Valley, PA departments was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after he caused a disturbance at a Slate Belt auto body shop this week, police said.

Daniel Dieter, 30, had his hand on his holstered gun as he "acted in a loud and tyrannical manner" on June 5, regarding a scratch on his pickup truck, according to a summary citation and Slate Belt Regional police Chief David Mettin.


The disturbance happened about 1:45 p.m. June 5 in the office of Gerber Collision & Glass on Route 512 in Plainfield Township.


Dieter arrived at the body shop after attending a district court hearing as part of his work with the Washington Township Police Department in the Slate Belt, said that department's chief, Scott Miller.


Dieter is also a part-time police officer at Lehigh Valley International Airport and in Wilson Borough.


He was in plainclothes but had his gun and police badge on his belt while at the body shop, Miller and Mettin said.


The two citations -- one each for disorderly conduct and harassment -- do not give details of the nature of the encounter, other than to say Dieter created a disturbance and acted "in a loud and tyrannical manner, causing employees to be placed in fear for their safety."


Mettin said the workers' tensions already were heightened June 5 by a workplace shooting in Orlando, FL, where a gunman killed five people at a business next-door to another Gerber Collision & Glass center.

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