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Friday, 07 April 2017 22:30

Veteran and Tech Program Grad Practices Lifelong Learning

Glenn Josephides Veteran Collision 1


Glenn Josephides’ mantra is “Life is a learning lesson. If you don’t learn something during the day, the day was wasted.”

A retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, Glenn was honorably discharged after serving his country for 24 years and was deemed 90% disabled. During his time in the military, Glenn served in combat infantry for 11 years and later as a military recruiter and career counselor until he retired. Glenn decided to return to school through the Post 9/11 GI Bill. From that point on, Glenn has not stopped learning.


Glenn always had a passion for repairing and rebuilding cars, so he decided to enroll in New England Institute of Technology’s (NEIT) Automotive Technology with High Performance program, where he earned an Associate in Science degree in May of 2015. From there, he wanted to continue his quest for learning, so he enrolled in the Automotive Collision Repair Technology program and was awarded a second Associate in Science degree in June of 2016. Upon deciding he should round out his repertoire of transportation degrees, Glenn enrolled in New England Tech’s Marine Technology program and anticipates earning his third Associate in Science degree in September of 2017.


Whether he continues his education to earn a bachelor’s degree remains to be seen. Glenn believes that all the knowledge and hands-on training he will have acquired through these three NEIT technology programs will be invaluable when he decides to pursue a career as an adjuster with an insurance company in the future.

One of Glenn’s instructors, Manny Couto, Assistant Professor in the Automotive Collision Repair Technology program, stated, “Glenn is like a sponge. No matter what I say in class, he seems to be one step ahead and if he is not, he will always ask questions.” Glenn enjoys helping others and has served as a peer tutor in some of his automotive classes.


Paul Harden, Director of Transportation Technologies at NEIT, said “It’s great to have an older student in class who is also a military veteran. The younger students respect Glenn for what he has accomplished in life and for his passion and drive to keep learning.”


Glenn is in the process of restoring his eighth vehicle. He has sold some of them and given others to his three children, ages 24, 21 and 19. Because of his hardworking and “always learning” philosophy in life, Glenn serves as a role model not only for this family but for all of the students and faculty at New England Tech.

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