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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 17:58

Philadelphia Auto Body Shop Releases Food Truck Tutorial

Executive Auto Salon

Photo: Executive Auto Salon


Food trucks are popping up across all of America's major cities. Diners with limited time find these mobile restaurants as a quick alternative to a sit-down establishment because they provide quick service without sacrificing food quality.

Unfortunately, the food truck business is very volatile. A few bad reviews can ruin their reputation and quickly leave them in dire financial situations. Executive Auto Salon, a Philadelphia-based auto body shop who specializes in food truck renovations, has recently released a tutorial entitled "7 Necessities When Starting A Food Truck Business." The blog post discusses some simple yet commonly overlooked business practices that make a big difference.

The first tip the company provides is basic yet critical; "Perfect Your Signature Dishes." Price and promotion are meaningless if the product doesn't deliver. Executive Auto Salon also suggests that buyers of food trucks pick the right vehicle for their needs and address any internal or external issues immediately to avoid future closures, fines, and headaches.

Executive Auto Salon has renovated and consulted for many of these mobile businesses, and the auto body shop encourages food trucks to make sure the entire interior is clean, inspected, and up to industry standards. The organization offers a thorough 200-point safety inspection for all of its food truck clients.

Executive Auto Salon also recommends that food trucks keep their menu simple, evolve based on popularity, and offer at least one vegetarian option. Having a small, tasty menu that appeals to the masses will ensure repeat business and positive word of mouth. The company is a member of the Philadelphia Mobile Food Truck Association and releases a monthly blog with different information every month. In addition to food truck makeovers, the company is also known for Philadelphia paint jobs and car detailing in Northeast Philadelphia.

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