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Monday, 02 May 2016 16:26

DCR Systems Begins Operations in 2nd Dealer-Based Collision Repair Center in Rockland, MA

DCR Systems has shifted into growth mode with its recent announcement of a sixth dealer-based collision repair center near Boston, MA, in partnership with Coastal Dealerships of Norwell and one of DCR’s existing centers, The Gallery Group in Norwood and Rockland, MA.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house celebrating the grand opening was held on April 28 at the collision center in Rockland.
The center was completed in early 2016. The company said it utilizes advancements in collision repair techniques, tooling, equipment and process-driven design, including DCR’s patented refinish system, which enables operators to work simultaneously on several painted pieces without concern of cross-contamination.
The accident repair center, transformed from the shell of a former carpet warehouse, will house a production and management team of 15, and feature a continuous-flow production floor model from DCR Systems, currently utilized in all of their operations.
The facility also marks DCR Systems’ first venture into supporting two autonomous dealer groups out of the same facility, according to president and founder Michael Giarrizzo Jr.
“The DCR model is very conducive to multi-store, multi-brand demands,” said Giarrizzo. “The flexibility of our proprietary collision repair model allows us to quickly respond to changes in demand and vehicle advancements. Additionally, the process allows technicians to develop the intrinsic skills needed to perform complex steps throughout the repair process. It all leads to a fundamentally different and futuristic accident repair center that can meet the various demands of a multi-brand environment and serve many dealer franchises in the same market.”
Richard Walker, owner of Coastal Dealerships, commented on the need to respond to the increasing demand for collision repair and his dealership’s desire to meet that demand.
“By aligning with DCR Systems, we'll be able to offer superior accident repair services to our customers and enhance our overall product and service lines,” Walker said.
That sentiment was echoed by Kevin Mishanko, chief operating officer of The Gallery Group. “We’ve been very successful using DCR’s process-driven environment up to this point and believe this unique collision repair partnership will broaden our market and open the doors to improved overall performance based on increased customer retention.”
As the on-site collision repair partner operating under “The Collision Center” retail name, DCR Systems has assumed all operational responsibilities, including facility design, installing and supplying all repair equipment, hiring, managing, training and certifying employees, managing day-to-day operations, overseeing all regulatory and environmental compliance, providing customer written lifetime repair warranties, an OE outer body crash part guarantee, and supplying CSI audits and scoring to the dealership.
“It’s truly a win-win-win scenario in that DCR operates and manages the facility, Coastal and Gallery both receive several steady revenue streams derived from the accident repair operation, and their customers have access to a collision repair facility that is absolutely second to none,” said Giarrizzo.

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