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Friday, 17 June 2016 22:43

Shop Showcase: NJ Shop Thrilled Over Globaljig® Equipment Presented by Chief

NJ Shop Thrilled Over Globaljig® Equipment Presented by Chief

Brad Denning, the owner of Dobbs Autobody in Springfield, NJ, describes his Globaljig SuperRotax Presented by Chief as the "Big Daddy, the V-12, the Rolls Royce" of straightening systems.


Brad Denning, 56, owns Dobbs Autobody in Springfield, NJ and has been working in the collision repair industry since he was 21. However, he realized much earlier in life that fixing and restoring cars was going to be his calling.

Dobbs Autobody

Location: Springfield, NJ

Type: Collision Repair

Facility Employees: 12

In business since: 1954

Locations: 1

Combined Production Space: 10,000 square feet

"In 1969, I was nine and we went and picked up a brand new beautiful Oldsmobile convertible and then the whole family went out for dinner at a place called Sip & Sup--it's not there anymore," Denning explained. "When we came out of the restaurant after our meal, we saw that someone had taken out the whole left side of our car. It was a hit-and-run and we were pretty surprised."

Denning's father obviously wasn't pleased, but then he noticed that there was a body shop right next door to the Sip & Sup. "We brought the car over there and a few days later when my dad brought the car home, I was shocked," he said. "I could not believe that they had taken that car and now it was looking brand new again. I was so impressed with what they had done to that car that I was instantly enamored with collision repair after that. ‘I want to be able to do that,’ I thought."

Always a "car nut," Denning worked in several capacities within the industry before purchasing Dobbs. For a short time, he owned a small body shop; ran a collision center for a Ford dealership for seven years; and then had his own car restoration business for several years. When Sonny Dobbs, the owner of Dobbs Autobody, died unexpectedly in 1996, Denning found out and made his move.

"Springfield is a small town, so when the shop's office manager told me that the Dobbs family might want to sell, I moved fast," Denning said. "I met with them on a Monday and the deal was done by Wednesday. It was like coming full circle, because that shop where we brought our Oldsmobile to more than 47 years ago, is the same shop I own today."


NJ Shop Thrilled Over Globaljig® Equipment Presented by Chief

As a Maserati-certified shop, Dobb's Autobody needs a top-of-the-line straightening systems and the Globaljig SuperRotax Presented by Chief fits the bill for Denning and his crew.

Denning is proud to run an I-CAR Gold shop with five I-CAR Platinum certified techs in his crew. With a wide range of high-end vehicles coming through the shop, Denning wants his employees and his equipment to be world-class, so he has all of the top carmaker certifications, including the entire GM line, Ford (aluminum) and Maserati as well as recently signing up for the Cadillac CT6 program.

"We work on all the top brands and that's why we pursue all of the best equipment out there," he said. "We tried a lot of other straightening systems, but once we saw the Globaljig® collision repair equipment and used it a few times, we were sold."

Last November, Chief™ added Globaljig collision repair equipment to its line, including their benches, universal fixture systems and other "European style" structural repair equipment. Already, body shops are stepping up and embracing this equipment and using it in conjunction with their Chief racks, including top operators like Denning at Dobbs Autobody.

The line of Globaljig Presented by Chief products includes the SuperRotax straightening system and the Quick Pull system that Dobbs Autobody has been using since earlier this year. Denning was happy with the equipment when he purchased it, but now he's actually ecstatic after seeing it in action.

"This machine is the ultimate in structural collision repair and there is not a better piece of equipment anywhere else," Denning said. "The SuperRotax is the Big Daddy, the V-12, the Rolls Royce. If you don't have one of these, you can't repair new vehicles properly and even attempting to do so is literally impossible. I can't even imagine how to fix some of these BMWs, Bentleys and Maseratis now without the SuperRotax. We couldn't do it."


NJ Shop Thrilled Over Globaljig® Equipment Presented by Chief

Dobbs Autobody is saving time and money while getting more work from the insurance companies by using the Globaljig SuperRotax Presented by Chief.

The Globaljig system allows Denning's crew to find structural damage that they wouldn't even know about without the SuperRotax. "Every time we fix a car using the SuperRotax, all of my guys look at each other and say they can't believe it was so easy," he said. "We're making more money doing proper OE repairs and returning these vehicles back to their original condition without using clamps. So now we no longer get clamp marks all along the pinch welds. Also, while a vehicle is on the jig system, we're able to remove cross members and pull motors and get complete access, because we can move the car back and forth on the fixtures on the bench. It's the most versatile bench system on the market, no doubt."

The numbers speak for themselves, Denning explained. "In the last few months, we've done approximately $75,000 of collision repair work that I couldn't have done without this equipment and the best part of it was it was profitable. Even the insurance adjustors that come in here every day are impressed with this equipment. They see that we're using the SuperRotax and know we're a serious shop and that's why the insurance companies are willing to pay us right for proper repairs."


For informatiom about Chief Automotive Technologies, visit or call 1-800-445-9262.


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