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Thursday, 28 April 2016 22:00

Cars Damaged at Northeast Philadelphia Repair Shop

Written by Chad Pradelli, 6ABC/Action News


A car shows damage after vandals wreak havoc at a Philadelphia Maaco auto body shop.


Police in Northeast Philadelphia are looking for the vandals who damaged almost two dozen cars.

Twenty-one vehicles were found damaged in the back lot at the Maaco auto body shop on the 9900 block of Bustleton Avenue.

Dave DeMarco tells us, "Right away we go to the cameras to see what went down, and apparently the way the cameras were set up, it didn't catch these guys on how they were walking along all the cars. You can see the footprints going along the hoods."

Angelo DeMarco says, "It's set up on a motion-type detection, and obviously it was set that way to where it just didn't pick it up."

Owners Dave and Angelo DeMarco say it's not the first case of vandalism, but the damage has never been to this extent.

"If I was to put a number on it, I'd say its anywhere from $5-10,000 in windshields...easily," Angelo said.

Dave explains, "I believe it's some youngsters in the area that are running back and forth on these railroad tracks and I just think we gotta police it a little more back here."

The DeMarcos had to call customers on that Friday to let them know their cars now had additional damage.

Maaco is covering the entire cost of the new damage. But these brothers have had enough, and they're beefing up their security.

"Hopefully this gets out and whoever did this is watching, to let them know that we are going to have some tight surveillance here and we are going to keep a lookout," said Dave.

So far, police have no suspects.


Thank you 6ABC/Action News for permission to reprint this article.

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